Paleo Plateau

Since I embarked on this journey to lose weight and get healthy, I have had to tweak my Paleo diet along the way.  I plateaued for a long time, which was in part to working out so much and gaining muscle but also because I just didn’t get the food thing right for a long time.  Here are the top ten tips that helped me finally break through and start getting smaller!

  1. No Nut Butter!  Ok, well I do have it once a week as a special treat.
  2. No Cheese!  Same thing, once a week for a date night or a dinner party, I’ll allow a little bit.
  3. No smoothies! I read that this can be a sneaky way of getting too many calories and not feeling full and I have to say that has been true for me so I really don’t drink smoothies anymore.
  4. Less salads! I think salads are great for lunch, especially a nice tuna or salmon salad but I found that when I ditched my salads and started eating leftovers for dinner which are almost always made up of meat and veggies, I had more energy throughout the day and started to see movement on the scale!
  5. Move more!  Sure crossfit is hard but if you’re only going 3-4 days a week and weight loss is a high priority, try running or doing core work on your off days.  After crossfitting, those exercises will seem easy and it will help burn calories all week!
  6. Drink More Water! I know this is obvious but for the first four weeks, I definitely wasn’t drinking enough.  Get a water bottle and push yourself to drink lots of water all day long!
  7. No cheating, No Excuses! I admit it, I was still getting lattes with my friends and telling myself that a little milk wasn’t the end of the world.  But then every week I’d feel pouty-pants that I wasn’t losing more weight.  Get real!  No cheating, ever.  Then you won’t be wondering what’s holding you back.
  8. Weigh yourself once a week!  I know, a lot of people say toss the scale and I’m emotionally working up to that but for now, I only weigh myself once a week.  That helps me to be a lot less crazy about that stupid number and focus all week on how I feel.
  9. Treat yourself with something!  If you’re working hard and you really want to reward yourself with food, try getting workout clothes instead or take yourself on a movie date.  I don’t have a lot of money but I picked up some new yoga pants at Goodwill the other day for 4.99 and they make me feel fantastic!
  10. Journal!  Okay, I’m adding this to my list but I’ll be totally honest, I definitely don’t journal every day.  I’m working on it.  I know it’s important.  I know that food logging and mood logging is so helpful and right now I probably hit 3/7 days.  I know, pathetic.  Why can’t I do something that takes literally 5 minutes?  I’m hoping that by adding this to the list, I’ll be more motivated to do it!